MBL jewellery is designed to last and to be treasured as each piece takes you back to the moment when the memory was created. With this in mind, my commitment is to produce jewellery crafted out of the highest quality solid Sterling Silver, 9 and 14ct Gold and Rose Gold.

All of our engraving is done by a specialist machine imported from France which gives our engraving a sleek and precise edge.

Sterling silver

Sterling silver is an alloy (mixture) of silver containing a minimum of 92.5% silver with the remaining 8% being other metals, usually copper. Copper is added to give silver its strength. Sterling silver pieces are stamped with a ‘925’ marking.


9ct Gold

9ct Yellow Gold is a metal alloy containing 37.5% gold, 52.1% copper and 10.4 % silver.

9ct Gold contains a smaller percentage of gold and is slightly harder wearing than 18 carat gold.  It has a more mellow shade of yellow.  9ct Gold will be stamped with the ‘375’ marking.  Please check as the stamping can be quite fine and could appear anywhere on the jewellery (e.g. it may be on the jump ring attaching the item to a bracelet or necklace).


9ct Rose Gold

9ct Rose Gold is a metal alloy containing 37.5% gold and 62.5% copper.


14ct Gold

14ct Gold contains 58% gold and 42% alloyed metals. These alloyed metals are added to make the gold more durable. 14ct Gold will be stamped with the ‘580’ marking.



The leather bracelets, cord necklaces and chokers are all made with high quality leather imported from Germany and are available in a variety of colours. Round braided leather cords (also referred to as bola cords) are available in a huge variety of colours.